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Benefits of Reiki Therapy

benefits of reiki therapy

Benefits of Reiki Therapy

Reiki is an old and ancient Japanese tradition that has made its way across the globe as a particularly effective and life-changing therapy that can help with just about any ailment, whether psychic or physical. There is really no limit to what Reiki can do, since it is the connection and healing energy of the Divine.

What exactly is Reiki?

Pronounced as ray-kee, it is a Japanese word that is broken up into two parts: Rei means “sacred wisdom” or “higher power,” and Ki means “life force energy.” Basically, Reiki means Divine-guided life force energy. It’s also spelled as “Qi” in the Chinese tradition/language. This is the natural energy of your existence as a living being. It’s what helps your physical and subtle bodies breathe, move, and stay nourished.

Reiki treatments are given by a Reiki practitioner, someone who has had at least their first attunement (first level Reiki training) by a Reiki Master or teacher. The life force energy, however, doesn’t come from the Reiki healer, but from the Divine; the Reiki healer is the channel, in which their hands are the tools. They will use Reiki symbols to help them connect and direct the energy that will flow through their hands, which are placed on the body or just above the skin in specific positions. The Divine energy is channeled through the healer and is infinite, radiant, and boundless. It will go exactly where it’s needed.

How Can Reiki Therapy Help?

Stress-Related Illnesses

Most of us can admit to feeling the heaviness of living life in today’s society. We often feel the abundance of stress, the weight of grief, the darkness of depression, and the angst of panic on a frequent basis, sometimes even without rhyme or reason. These mental and emotional ailments have a negative effect on the physical body as well. Excess stress can decrease serotonin levels (the feel-good chemical), increase cortisol (the body’s stress steroids), and be detrimental to the body’s physiological systems.

Physically speaking, psychological stress can lead to major conditions such as anxiety, depression, muscle aches, GI complaints, heart disease, nervous disorders, thyroid and metabolism problems, decreased immune function, and a plethora of other illnesses (for more information, see the article from the Mayo Clinic on Stress Illnesses). Reiki therapy, through a certified Reiki practitioner, can help by honing into and realigning or healing your chakras and aura with positive, compassion-filled life force energy. Reiki energy could be compared to that of a Mother’s hug when her child is frightened or hurt.

Reiki heals by powering through the negatively affected areas of your personal life force energy and recharging those areas (usually in one of your 7 chakra centers) with positive energy from Divine source. It does this by raising the vibration levels of those particular areas, which will dispense negative energies and replace them with healing forces more powerful than any of these words can describe. As Reiki energy moves through your body, it opens up all of your natural pathways and leaves you feeling refreshed, cleared, and overall better.

It should be noted that sometimes it will take several Reiki treatments for a condition to resolve, especially in more severe illnesses and ongoing stressors. For example, I have had carpal tunnel syndrome for several years and occasionally the pain gets out of control and I’m unable to work. However, after two or three Reiki treatments (30-60 minutes each day), the swelling and pain subsides and I’m able to function once again.

Ivy Chapman is not just a Reiki practitioner, but a Reiki Master and Teacher as well, who has been studying the benefits and uses of energy healing for nearly three decades. Her compassionate, intuitive, and understanding presence make for one of the most effective and beneficial Reiki Healing sessions in the country. Click here for more information and to contact Ivy for a session.

If you are not in the Denver Metropolitan area, that’s quite all right. Reiki Masters like Ivy have the attunement and ability to do distance healing sessions as well.