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How to Design a Three Card Tarot Reading

Tarot Deck - Three Card Tarot Reading

Your Three Card Tarot Reading

When performing any reading it’s required to set up a few parameters before you pull any cards. This is done to ensure that you get the most accurate information possible from your reading. These parameters are a guide to keep you focused. First decide on what period of time the three cards cover. Then decide what meaning are you giving to the order the cards are drawn in, if any. Next is the question itself. What are you asking the cards? These boundaries can vary from reading to reading no matter how many cards you are using. But they must be created before each reading to assist you in staying on trek. If you vary these parameters from reading to reading it is very helpful to jot them down.

What period of time is your reading for?

New moon to full moon? The upcoming week? Just for today. You may also ask for general information surrounding a current situation in your life if so then all three cards may be for the immediate time frame, now. The time frame is your choice to make.

Decide the meaning of your card’s placement positions.

Past, present, future. Overview, challenge, course of action. What is just passing, what is, what is coming. Issue, action to take, resolution. Body, mind, spirit. Yourself, the other person, the outcome.

Formulate your question.

The question you ask the cards is a very important part of all readings. It is necessary to clearly state your inquiry and stick with it. If you need to, write the question down. This way you are sure not to drift away from the question while you interpret the cards meanings. The question ‘What is the best way to proceed for my highest good?’ Can easily drift to ‘Give me general information about my situation.’ Both are very different queries. And either question is perfectly fine. However, you will get ambiguous answers when the question ‘drifts’ as I call it. Here is another example. ‘What are the energies surround me today?’ Can easily drift into ‘This is how my day will go.’ This shift in what information the cards were asked for quickly changes from ‘how to best handle myself today given the surrounding energies’ to ‘the cards said this is how my day will go’. We are the creators of what comes to us. The cards are so much more than a fortune telling system. Fore warned is fore armed. So be sure to commit to one clear question at a time. Ask multiple questions in a row if you like, but write each question down before you pull any cards. As you become proficient in reading the cards, writing the question down may no longer be necessary. But sticking to a clear question will always be required to provide the most accurate reading. Much success to all of your working!