Ivy Ross Professional Tarot Reader, Reiki Master, Witch

Tarot Card for Prosperity


Choose a significator

Choose a card to represent yourself

Choose three cards to represent what you want to bring in

Choose three cards which will represent the condition or situation in which you are doing this work for. Not cards which represent how you do it, but the final result. What your life will look like once the spell has completed itself.


Pull out the 4 aces to represent the elements

Specifically, the aces of each suit, because they are the root of the element. That essence of the element that is pure potential, each elements rawest form.


Inscribed Green Candle with your wishes if you like

Fix the candle with any type of prosperity incense and oil

Place any other items on the working area that represent prosperity to you such as a buckeye, cowry shells, money, and your check book, write a petition

And then

Do your altar chants

Light your sentinels

Say: Out of the Darkness (Moon) and into the Light (Sun)

Lay down the Ace of Swords in the East to represent air

Say: I do recognize and honor the Elementals of Air

Lay the Ace of Wands down in the south to represent fire

Say: I do recognize and honor the Elementals of Fire

Lay down the Ace of Cups in the West to represent water

Say: I do recognize and honor the Elementals of Water

Lay down the Ace of Disk in the North to represent earth

Say: I do recognize and honor the Elementals of Earth

Take the three cards you have chosen in your hands and say: “I have chosen carefully.”

Hold the cards aloft and proclaim:

“Embellished with my intent of unwavering prosperity, I lay these cards out before me.”

“As I weave and spin this spell; Three fold return my tale will tell.

By the power of three by three Prosperity I summon Thee!

Forever more, without delay Prosperity is here to stay!”

Pause for 21 heart beats while you visualizes yourself living the situation you are working for here. 

Ring the Bell vigorously!

Much success to all of your workings! Blessings, Ivy

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