Bring Body, Mind, & Spirit Into Harmony


Receive the messages you were meant to hear.

If you close your eyes, you can imagine yourself in ancient times visiting a witch in the woods to get the potion, blessing, enchantment, or magical guidance that will bring the change you need—whether it is in health, love, or work. You can smell the herbs growing in the garden, the aromatic flavors roiling up from the cauldron, and that distinctive scent of Magic that surrounds the witch. She pulls out her cards and astrological charts to give you compassionate insights with accuracy and honesty, and you leave with everything you needed, along with a sense of wellness surrounding and trailing behind you.

This ancient gift is what I bring to you in modern times.

When you open yourself to the mystical powers of the universe, you can change your life’s path, or strengthen the one you’re on now. You can alter the future, manifest your destiny, reach your potential, and reclaim your sovereignty through cognizant examination of the signs the universe sends. Tarot cards are a potent channel for these messages, and they have been so since the 14th century, when they emerged in Northern Italy. They speak to the Psychic, who taps into higher levels of consciousness and uses synergy with the Great Spirit to read the symbols channeled through the cards.

In a trusted tarot reading with, there is only YOU, the UNIVERSE, and the MESSENGER.

Together, magic happens.

We are the Rebels. We don’t make simple wishes or idly wonder where to go next. We don’t sit back and let things manifest on their own. Rather, we become the Designer, the Creator of our own world. We are the Sacred Rebels the world needs, and I humbly welcome you to my tarot reading page.


When we begin, I will shuffle the cards while you you’ll focus on the information you want to receive during the reading. When you feel the cards have been shuffled sufficiently I will stop and then cut the deck two times and begin reading for you. do not need any information about your situation to provide an accurate tarot reading for you. After finishing your general reading, I ask if you have any questions or need any clarification on the cards I’ve laid out on the table or anything I said. When we’ve finished answering those questions, I ask what questions do you have? What questions did you come with? We then proceed from there. This is for an in-person reading.

I utilize a synergistic approach in tarot reading. The cards are a tool. A point of focus bring my skills of claircognizance (‘clear knowing’) to the forefront. I receive ‘incoming’ information during these readings and have developed the skill of connecting with deceased loved ones during this time.

These readings bring you:

With this information you will be able to put your mind at ease. You will gain a positive focus in your life, and new possibilities you had not considered may be revealed to you.



This process is outlined above and includes a one-on-one session with me. You will shuffle the cards to place your intent and energy into them for the reading.

By Phone

Phone or Video sessions involve me shuffling the cards while you focus on the action and information you'd like to receive. You tell me when to stop.

By Email

Once an appointment is scheduled and you've briefly described anything you need to me know (< 200 words), I perform the reading, take a picture of the cards, and write up your reading (2-3 days)

All readings, consultations, and Reiki healings are held in the strictest of confidence.


20-Minute Reading Session (Phone Only): $50.00

A 20-minute tarot consultation provides a targeted, concise reading revealing the current energies in your life and advising you on what you might expect in the next few months. A 20-minute consultation is available via Phone only. 

30-Minute Reading Session: $70.00

A 30-minute tarot consultation offers the same focused guidance of the shorter reading but allows you time to pose additional questions about the people, situations and/or circumstances that are of concern to you.

60-Minute Reading Session: $120.00

A 60-minute tarot consultation is a comprehensive reading that focuses on answers to your specific questions about people, situations and/or circumstances you may be experiencing. This reading also includes a consultation as to what can be done to influence the energies currently surrounding you and what can be done to bring into your life that which you desire. 

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