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The Book of Shadows

Book of shadows grimoire


Book of Shadows

A traditional Book of Shadows is a hand-written tome that contains all relevant teachings you have received throughout your training. The content of each Witch’s Book of Shadows is unique to each practitioner and their path. It is distinct by tradition; the teaching materials of that tradition, oath bound rites or initiations of the tradition, spells and its liturgy. The importance of your Book of Shadows as a living breathing compendium of spells, rituals and traditions of Witchcraft, cannot be overly stressed. It becomes your legacy.

Now in the 21st century the Book of Shadows takes many forms; from the traditional handwritten book to an electronic book, the printed book that can be purchased in its entirety, a three-ring binder or a blank artist’s sketch book.

Either way, ideally it also contains all the basics of Witchcraft; correspondences, moon phases, timing, days of the week, colors, invocations, spells, runes, condenser fluids, seals, etc.… In its entirety, its contents can be used to teach others.

Historically, it was customary that the Book of Shadows be burnt with the owner upon their death, which explains why we have not found more of them. More recently, it has passed down to the next in line for priesthood, the coven, a student, or a relative.

The Witchcraft that you practice will be unique to you – unique to your experiences, teachers, travels, education, and all else your life consists of. You are allowed to worship and practice the way you see fit. I am here to guide you along this stage of your journey.

Most of the information I make available to you here is from my personal Book of Shadows, all of which comes from my personal occult studies.

I offer this information – spells and Witchcraft training – because this is the time, and we are the ones. Join me on the magical path of spell work to shape and form your dreams one spell at a time.

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