Welcome, Sacred Rebels!

This is the portal to the various pre-written spells I make available for your use. I have performed the spells available for purchase and have experienced success in using them. Others have as well.  The spells I offer contain detailed instructions on how to perform the work, a list of the tools and items needed to cast the spell and all incantations and actions used during the spell casting. I have also included the best timing for the spell. The spells do not contain any supplies such as candles, incenses, oils, herbs, etc. Contact me if you have any questions about the detailed instructions.

I believe that all spells cast, do influence the circumstance of your desire, and the magnitude of that effect will depend on several factors:

  1. Most importantly, your intention rules how the spell will play out.
  2. The strength of your belief in magical practices.
  3. Your skill as a magical practitioner.
  4. Your ability to follow the instruction.

You are the key to the spell’s outcome. The power lies within.  That being said, I can make no guarantees to the outcome of your workings. I make no claims to the spells’ effectiveness. I will not do the spell work for you.

However, practice makes perfect and I have been known to cast the same spell over and over again until I have achieved my desired results. Perseverance has always paid off.

Some of these spells I have pieced together from my personal knowledge and studies. Many of the spells are original works that are passed down unaltered. All sources of information used to design these spells, other than what I provide from my knowledge, will be made available as well.

How it Works

After purchasing your spell, it is delivered to your inbox in a PDF  format with the ability to be downloaded twice. All spells are copyrighted and remain my sole property.


The information here is from many different ancient historical customs, cultures and traditions from our ancestors in times long since past. We make no claims as to the efficacy of the information made available here. It is presented for its historical interest.


The House Exorcism spell is appropriate to use for energetically cleansing any living or working space of unwanted energies and vibrations. It can be used once or twice a year to maintain your space. And it can also be used as needed.

Negative energies may invade your space from a variety of sources. For instance, others could bring an unwanted energy or vibration into your living space or work place. If they are angry or in pain of any kind, that lingering energy or feeling could be left behind in your space.

Whenever you feel that your space is thick, dense or heavy, or you just feel like there is tension or something else undesirable in the air. When in doubt, Exorcise!

When possible, it is ideal to use this spell before moving into a new work space, home or apartment to cleanse any energy left over from the previous occupants.

When I enter a home or office and preform this spell as a service, the fee begins at $450.00 and goes up from there, depending on the size of the space. I make this spell available for you to use now and forever, over and over for $20.00.

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The Car Consecration Ritual is used to protect you and your car from running out of gas, accidents, theft and from being stranded. This spell can be used on anyones car. Set the protection of the Seal of Egention (included in spell) upon your friends and loved ones while they are driving, by performing this spell on their cars.  Egention resides over everything referring to or connected with travelling. Perfect for that brand new vehicle as well that trusty old junker (that’s paid off!). Especially useful for those friends and family members who find themselves in frequent fender benders.

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Needle & Candle Spell for Health

A more basic, easy to perform candle magic spell. The candle is prepared and lit. The words of the spell are proclaimed.

As with all spells perform until desired result is obtained.

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While I begin to share spells and ancient wisdom online, I ask that you not openly share or resell these materials to others. Please respect the knowledge and work of myself and those who came before me by protecting this information from piracy. If you know someone who is interested in these spells, please refer them to me. Thank you, Sacred Rebel!