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Ritual Bathing

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Ritual Bathing

By Ivy Ross©

‘Practitioners of the Occult and Spiritual and Metaphysical Workers oftentimes prescribe a purification bath [Ritual Bathing] to aid a lost Soul in overcoming that which blocketh his or her path.’ Tarostar

When one enters into circle to commune with the Gods it is best done with a cleansed body. By beginning with the step of ritual bathing before your acts of magic and worship you are not only cleansing yourself spiritually (energetically) as well as physically, you are also providing yourself with a prevailing psychic shield during your rite especially if you include salt in your ritual bath. Salt, including Epsom salt and baking soda, being a spiritual cleanser also clears the aura and chakras. If you are using Kosher salt, then you are using salt that has been blessed.

One of the very first magical techniques I was taught was ritual bathing. When the bath is scented with fragrances and herbs corresponding to your ritual purpose, it provides the prelude to the ritual by introducing your desired result to the bath, vibrationally. Relax in your ritual bath. Light a candle. Clear your mind. Focus only upon the success of your undertakings. Not the how of it. Just focus on the thing itself as if it has come to pass and relax into your ritual bath.

Then of course there is the significance or the water. Love and gratitude for water! Water is a feminine element in nature. The realm of emotions and desires and also ruling the profound depths of the mind. If you are near a natural source of water like the ocean or a lake or river, use some of those natural waters in your bath as well.

Baths are made from salts, herbs, roots, oils and cosmetic grade coloring. If herbs are used, a decoction is made first and then it is strained. Only the liquid portion of the decoction is generally used.

The bath itself can be the ritual. Spiritual baths can be taken standing up, only after taking a proper bath with soap and water. Psalms are often recited or prayed during the bath. All of the water is collected and dispersed at the crossroads by throwing it over your left shoulder, to the east. If you bathe in a full tub of water just a portion of the bath water can be dispersed at the cross roads to symbolically represent the whole tub of water. The head is submerged a certain number of times while in a soaking bath; most often three times with the bath lasting approximately 6-8 minutes at a minimum.

The practice of a ritual bath has been used by many traditions over time. Baths can be simple or elaborate. I often use a salt scrub in the shower. Especially after a day of reading the cards or using public transportation. This is done to cleanse myself of any energies that might have glommed onto me during the day.

I would be happy to provide you with detailed instructions on using bathing for a specific magical purpose during a Spellcasting Consultation. I also prepare the bath salts/herbal preparations used for bathing. Contact me here.

Much Success to all of Your Workings!