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Reiki Healing Principles Explained

Reiki Principles Explained

These principles can be found in numerous places on the web, in books, etc. When they were written in the 1800’s in Japan, people lived in a very different world. Our belief systems, codes of honor and concepts of acceptable behavior have changed greatly since that time and as a consequence, each Reiki practitioner brings their own interpretation to the Reiki Principles.

The following is how I perceive the Reiki Principles. This is what rings true for me. The Reiki Principles are a guide for us to use to begin the healing process in ourselves, thus becoming more effective healers to those we serve. Daily use of these principles brings auspicious changes in ones character and life.


Anger. What is it really? Why do we get angry? What purpose does it serve? I believe that anger results from unmet expectations. One of my kids didn’t clean their room. I expected them to do so. I get angry. Someone pulls out in front of me in traffic. I expected a clear passage, I didn’t get it, and I got angry. The only purpose anger serves is to harm our body and close our mind. When we cling to our anger, our feeling that some injustice has been done to us, we cause dis-ease and dis-stress in ourselves. It blocks our energy centers. It is a mind killer. To remain clear and balanced one must allow their anger to flow out of themselves. When we release our anger we actively allow the universal life force to flow within and around us.


Worry? If I had to answer the question, ‘What do you think our most useless emotion is?’, it would have to be worry. Yesterday is gone. The future is not here. We only have now. Yes, we can try to rectify past issues and mistakes. But to worry about the past, knowing that there is nothing to do to change it, is irrational. We can plan for the future, but to worry that things will not be as we want, serves no purpose. However any situation turns out will always be in our best interest, believe it or not! Trust in spirit, in your higher self and know that; All is Well! No matter what is going on in your life, it is your life, and it cannot be wrong. You may not like it. You may want changes. I know I do. Plan for those changes, take action and move ahead.


Gratitude and appreciation. Never forget to count your blessings. One of the worst places to be is in a space where you cannot see the light for all of the darkness that seemingly surrounds you. Be grateful for any abundance that is present in your life. What we send out comes back to us in like kind. By showing gratitude we open ourselves up to even more abundance in our lives, more things to be grateful for. It is the fear of ‘not having’ that holds us back. Use appreciation and gratitude to conquer your fear and let the prosperity roll in.


The work that is spoken of is not your mundane work that you engage in every day to pay the bills. It is the work you do on yourself, the effort you put forth to walk your life’s true path. Only when we are on our true life’s path will we be happy and balanced. Only when we do the work we were meant to do in this life will things simply flow into place for us. We then live in harmony with the universe. This requires us to be honest with ourselves, about ourselves. Only in ‘truth’ can we find our life’s true path. You may wonder what your true path is. If you have pondered this question for even a moment you have already begun to answer the question!


We all emanate from the same source. The way we treat ourselves is often the way we treat others. As stated above: All the energy we put out comes back to us in like kind. To be kind to all others is to show kindness to ourselves. When kindness becomes a natural way of living, a sense of unanimity with all of the living things around us develops.


Dr. Usui believed that if we speak these principles in the morning and in the evening the healing of our body and our mind will result. It is my belief that he knew: When we change ourselves, we change the world.