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My Ethics & Philosophy On Spell Casting When Practicing WitchCraft


After discovering myself to be on the receiving end of a spell, I was utterly aghast. I went through the gamut of feelings; surprise, astonishment, disbelief, denial, anger. I became indignant. Do I retaliate?

The experience, albeit distasteful, was one of the greatest learning experiences of my life. It forced me to come into alignment with what type of magick I was willing to do, for myself, or for someone else.

What I discovered was this; unless I know the stories of all of the sides of a situation, I will never act. And the chances of knowing all the sides to a story are slim at best. The caveat of this of course (for me) is protection for me and my loved ones. The Goddess has granted us the knowledge of magic so that whenever we need something ‘once a month and better it be when the moon is full’ we ask the Goddess for Her assistance. And it is our Goddess given right to protect ourselves. So, here we are aware of the fact that we will never really have full disclosure of a situation.


The Wiccan Rede talks about harming none. For any one who has not come across the Wiccan Rede before it goes like this:


Abide by the Wiccan Law you must:

In perfect love and perfect trust.

Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill:

An Ye harm none do what you will.


How can I possible know what harm I am doing, or good, unless I have complete disclosure. Also, what I think might be mild or ‘ethical’ magickal practices may appear to the recipient of such actions, quite differently. This is a consideration because of the Law of Three Fold Return: What you send out returns back to you three times as strong as it was sent out. I took it quite hard when I became aware of the spell that I was the recipient of. So my reaction, through no action of my own, will return to the sender three fold, simply by the Law of Three Fold Return. So wisdom tells me I have no reason to retaliate. What goes around comes around.


Here is another example; so, your neighbor is very ill. You really like your neighbor and you decided to do healing work for them. Your spell works! In no time at all they are up and about. What have you really done? Have you interfered with your neighbor’s karma? What if it was their choice, prior to this existence, to come into this life to overcome this severe illness? Have you harmed them? It appears you have helped. Did you disrupt their karmic path? They did not overcome the illness on their own. Will they get sick again or have to recover from an accident or something worse? And, how will this return to you?


Now what if your neighbor asked you for assistance? The simple act of the request for healing by the neighbor is the neighbor overcoming the illness on their own. Then if you choose, it is perfectly fine for you to assist. But without the request you never really know what is going to be the result of your work. Or how it will return to you. So, as I was taught, I do teach here. Never do magick on anyone without their request. This for your own protection. So you say, “Well, I will just go ask my neighbor if they want me to do the healing work for them”. Here we come to the fine line. You need a request. Not an answer to your imposing question. What can you do? The only strict ethical thing would be to let your neighbor know that you can do healing work. Not offer. Then wait for the request. This way the neighbor influences their own karma without your interference.


There are many different schools of thought on this subject. What I have described here are my ‘default settings’ if you will. Circumstances are many and varied. What are your magickal ‘default settings’?

I welcome your comments.