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Magical Roots, Seed and Shells


Magical Roots, Seeds and Shells

Utilizing these magical roots, seeds and shells in your spells will increase their power.

Balm of Gilead – These sticky buds are used to ease the pain of being separated from a loved one.

Beth Root – Make use of Beth Root for luck, protection, sex & all types of family matters. Also known as Southern John.

Buckeye – Utilize when focusing on employment or money. Wrap a dollar bill around the buckeye & place it in your conjure bag.

Cowrie Shells – An ancient Egyptian talisman. Millions have been found in the tombs of Pharaohs. Its shape represents the portal of the womb, thus it is used for fertility & prosperity.

Devil’s Shoe String – Place this root where a troublesome person will walk over/on it to win their favor. Very effective.

Galangal – To win in court; chew a small piece of this root & ‘flick’ it about the court room. I have personally used this & it works! Also known as Chewing John, Low John & Little John. This root is also used as a spice, so chewing it is not harmful to you.

Grains of Paradise – Business success, employment, luck & protection in in these matters.

Jalap – Anoint this root with High John Oil & carry it in your mojo bag for commanding power, personal mastery and/or strength. Also known as High John the Conqueror.

Mandrake Root – This European species has a wide variety of uses. Love & protection being amongst the most common.

Mojo Wish Beans – Carry these beans with you for good luck. Then when you have a special wish, dispose of a bean in running water while making that wish. Also known as African Wishing Beans.

Salep – For luck in matters of money. An excellent choice for your Witch’s Pouch. Also known as Lucky Hand Root.

Tonka Beans – Often used for love drawing mojo bags. They have a wonderful vanilla scent. Also known as wish beans.

Excluding Chewing John, many of these powerful herbs are highly poisonous. Do not ingest these herbs in any way, shape or form!

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