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Magical Crystals and Gemstones

magical crystals and gemstones

Magical Properties of Crystals & Gemstones and How to Use Them

All crystals and gemstones can be used for magic singularly, as a talisman, by simply charging them and wearing them in your pocket or carrying them in your purse/backpack. Or several stones can be used together.

They can be charged and placed under your pillow when you sleep, simply placed around your home or place of work as decorative items (hiding in plain sight), used in conjure bags with other item (herbs, roots, relics, etc.), placed in the bath tub when you bathe and in any other fashion you would like to use them. Their use is really limited only to your imagination.

First is listed the element(s) that the stone is associated with. Don’t let this confuse you. Stones, by being stones, are related to earth. However, each stone has it’s own attributes as well. This is commonly defined by how the stone is created, i.e., by pressure, heat, tension (metamorphic) or accumulation (sedimentary). Heating and cooling (igneous). Or a combination there of. The planetary attribute(s) is then listed followed by possible usage.


Amber – Fire, Akasha (aether). Sun. Protection, healing, beauty.  Amber, like jet was one alive. It is fossilized tree resin.

Aquamarine – Water, Moon. Peace, courage, purification, psychic abilities.

Amethyst – Water. Jupiter, Neptune. Dreaming true and ending nightmares. Anoint with Astral Projection Oil and place under your pillow.

Aventurine – Air. Mercury. Communication, luck, money.

Black Onyx – Fire. Mars, Saturn. Defense, protection, strength, self control. Helps to release body trauma from past experiences in this life or a past life.

Black Tourmaline – Earth. Saturn. Grounding, protection from negative energies & psychic attack. Encourages a positive attitude.

Bloodstone – Fire. Mars. Victory, courage, strength.

Blue Onyx – Fire. Mars. Same uses as black onyx.

Carnelian – Fire. Sun. Protection against spells, eloquence in speech, healing.

Celestite – Water. Venus, Neptune. Compassion, peace, spiritual development.

Citrine – Fire. Sun. Abundance, happiness, joy.

Emerald – Earth. Venus. Unity, loyalty, positive action, strength of character in overcoming life’s misfortunes.

Garnet – Fire. Mars. Use to tap extra energy, revitalizing. Turns crisis into a challenge. Love; devotion, commitment.

Hematite – Fire. Saturn. Grounding, protection, legal situations.

Jade – Water. Venus. Love, longevity, money.

Jasper (Red) – Fire. Mars. Protection (reverse negative energy), healing.

Jet – Earth, Akasha (aether). Saturn. Protection, healing, purification, luck. Jet, like amber, was once alive. It is fossilized wood.

Labradorite – Water. Moon. For spiritual purposes; use to stimulate psychic gifts & intuition, messages from the higher self. Ascension.

Lapis Lazuli – Water. Venus. Love, courage, wisdom.

Malachite – Earth. Venus. Business success, love, power.

Moonstone – Water. Moon. Calming. Divination, psychic ability, protection/good luck during travel.

Moss Agate – Earth. Mercury. Riches, happiness, longevity. New friends.

Opal – All elements. All planets. Beauty, luck, money, power, astral projection.

Peridote – Earth. Venus. Wealth, sleep, health, protection for the aura.

Petrified Wood –  Akasha (aether). Longevity, past lives.

Quartz – Fire, Water. Sun, Moon. An all purpose stone that has been used from time immemorial. Strengthens, clears, balances. Cleanse this stone often.

Rainbow Moonstone – Same as moonstone.

Rose Quartz – Water. Moon. Peace, happiness, friendship, fidelity.

Rutile (Rutilated) Quartz – Fire. Sun. Filters negative energy. Supports energy field. Increases effectiveness of magic.

Quartz w/Tourmaline – Earth. Pluto. Grounding, balancing.

Shiva Lingam – Water. Moon. This stone comes from one place only on this planet; the Narmada River in India. The Narmada is considered to be a powerful healing river.  It is collected from the banks of the river once a year after the spring run off. Use it to balance energies. A powerful stone.

Smoky Quartz -Water.  Moon. Grounding. Increases ones ability to get clear and focused on the tasks at hand. Encourages pride in oneself.

Sodalite – Water. Venus. A meditative stone that helps to calm the mind and think clearly.

Tiger’s Eye – Fire. Sun. Promotes courage and energy. A good stone for the sick or weak. Tiger’s Eye is also used for money due to it’s association with the Sun.

Tiger Iron – Fire.  Mars, Saturn, Sun.  This stone is a combination of Jasper, Hematite & Tiger’s Eye. Vitality, courage, strength. Use when passing through a change. Gives rise to artistic/creative endeavors.

Topaz – Fire. Sun. Good Fortune and success. Aids in manifestation. Used to attract true love.



Please note: these are only a few of the uses for each of the stones listed.


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