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How to Light Self-Igniting Charcoal for Spellcasting

self igniting charcoal for spellcasting

Much of the ancient spellcasting requires the burning of aromatic woods, barks and spices. During the pre-biblical times a hot coal was readily available to place in a brazier for ritual purposes. But today, not so much. However, we do have at our disposal self-igniting charcoal. This essential item is a ‘must have’ in your collection of tools used for spell work and worship. Several people have gifted me with their charcoal that they could not get lit. I happily used it up for them! Patience is the key.

Below you will find instructions on how to get self-igniting charcoal lit.


Obtain a container made of any material you like & fill the bottom with unscented cat litter, dirt, sand or ashes. Or some other similar material. This provides the necessary insulation that will prevent the heat of the charcoal from breaking your incense burner & marring the surface of the table it’s on. The charcoal becomes extremely hot. I have had small brass burner leg marks branded into wooden table tops. A glass ashtray actually split into two from the heat of the charcoal.

Hold the charcoal tablet with a pair of tweezers & light it. A lighter is very handy because you only need one hand to strike it. Hold the edge of the tablet over the flame. It will begin to spark after a moment, just like a sparkler on the 4th of July. Watch it closely because it must sparkle completely across the whole charcoal tablet for it to actually get hot. It is often necessary to light the charcoal 3 or 4 times, or more. Once you have accomplished this allow the tablet to burn in the container you have prepared for 3 to 5 minutes before placing the incense upon it. Placing the incense upon it too soon will smother the charcoal. From my experience, a full unbroken charcoal tablet will burn for approximately 45 minutes.

When you burn, roots, barks, resins, oils and other materials that smoke when burning & may smolder quite nicely, it is always a good idea to open a window just a bit before you begin your rite.

Store unused charcoals that have been open in an airtight container. It is also helpful to put some of the small desiccant packets that you find in vitamins to absorb moisture in the jar or tin with the charcoal. The charcoal absorb moisture from the air and can be quite difficult, if not impossible to light if they have been left out for too long.

Light the charcoal at the very beginning of your rite. Getting it lit is often a ritual unto itself!

Much Success to Your Workings!