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Imbolc – Turning the Wheel of the Year

Imbolc Wiccan Sabbat Turning of the Wheel

Imbolc Heralds the Return of Spring

The first sabbat of the New Year, Imbolc is a Pagan holiday celebrated on February 2nd. Also known a Candlemas, it is one of the Cross Quarter Days. A High Sabbat. Six weeks until the Spring Equinox.

Even though there is six inches of snow on the ground as I write this, still I can see with my eyes and sense deep within myself the stirrings of the mother earth;

The geese have been passing back and forth high above me in the sky. And sometimes they pass so low, in their V formation, I can hear the wind rushing past the feathers of their wings as they seemly glide just above my head. The crows have begun to return to the neighborhood. At the base of some of the herbs in my Witches Garden, new green growth can be seen. The grape hyacinth has begun peeking its nose above ground ever so slightly. And ever so slowly, the sun is beginning to set just a little later each day. And lastly I have noticed the free range chicken eggs have gotten considerable larger too!

Call Upon Brighid at this Time of Year

The Druid Goddess Brighid is honored at this time. A solar Goddess. The Triple Goddess of poetry and healing. A fire Goddess who is the patron of blacksmiths and midwives; a hearth Goddess.

Have fire and water upon your Imbolc altar. Fashion corn dollies and Brighid’s Cross out of corn husks and wheat. The cow is sacred to Brighid. Have milk and honey on the altar as a sacrament. Light 19 candles to Brighid representing each year it takes for the sun and the moon to return to the same configuration with the moon at the same phase on the same day of the year. Burn all of your greenery from Yule. Ask Her for good health and and protection. Set your sights on a brightening future.

May the Blessings of Imbolc be Upon You and Yours!