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I saw a young hawk in my Witch’s Garden

Young Hawk Spiritual Meaning

I rarely see hawks in my neighborhood, but I saw a young hawk this morning.

It glided clumsily onto the branch of a maple tree growing behind my Witch’s Garden. I could clearly see it from the bay window of my bedroom; smaller in size, muted colors. Maybe a female. It’s feather down was fluffed out, tail waving briskly in the cold winter air. It’s back was to me. I knew the hawk saw me through the window with its keen sight as it turned its head.

Hawk – Messages from Spirit

Young hawk lingered for such a long time, I decided to draw a single tarot card – what is the message hawk has brought me? I drew the Two of Wands.

Step into your power!

Big sigh.

When I looked up, young hawk had gone.

I went about my daily tasks. I applied for that job my daughter told me about.  The money is good, it’s a professional position, but it’s unfortunately a soul-sucking ‘work for the man’ job; however, the money is good. The job is only open for three more days.

Now, I keep getting these email notifications from my web master. There have been 17 since yesterday; they are such a distraction while I try to apply for this soul-sucking job. These professionals are working on my website to make my teachings more available to those searching.  This is the Light path I’ve always wanted to journey, but there always seemed to be a blockade.

I sigh heavily and go back to the website with the job posting What?! The job is no longer listed. Where is the job opening?!

It closed early.

Messages from Spirit was clear – Soul-Sucking Jobs are out of the question.  It’s time to step into my power.

I guess I’ll go back to all those emails! What was I thinking!?

Blessed Imbolc!