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How To Use A Magic Seal Of The Sun

magical seal of the sun

How To Use The Magic Seal Of The Sun

To begin; choose a magic seal for your purpose. For this example we will work with the Seal of the Sun. The Spirits of the Seal of the Sun carry the vibrations of honor and wealth.

Now you choose an auspicious time tot charge the Seal of the Sun. Full Moon,  New Moon or simply; During the waxing moon, would all be good choices. Sunday would be the best day to do your work.

Next, gather your gear. You will need; water, salt, Sun Oil, Sun Incense, and a yellow, gold or orange candle. Feel free to use any other color that is a Sun color to you. Red ink and a quill. And of course your Seal of the Sun. If you are going to place your seal in a conjure bag have it (and anything else you are going to put in there, if anything) on the altar as well.

Work where you will not be disturbed and where you will be comfortable. Begin my lighting the charcoal. Anoint your candle with the Sun Oil. Light the candle. Place the Sun Incense on the charcoal. Be sure to give the charcoal enough time to get hot or the incense will smother the charcoal. Add three measures of salt to the water. Flick the water upon the seal and say; ‘With this salt and water I cleanse thee, thou Seal of the Sun!’. Pass the seal through the incense smoke and then through the candle flame and say; ‘With this smoke and fire I do charge thee, thou Seal of the Sun!’. Anoint the seal with Sun Oil in any fashion you like and say; ‘With this oil I do bless thee, thou Seal of the Sun!’ Now hold the seal aloft and declare; ‘Be thou cleansed, charged and blessed thou Seal of the Sun!’.

Use your quill and red ink to draw a line around the seal on the front. The line that you draw will be drawn on the edge of the seal. It will encompass the seal. This line creates a boarder around front the seal. On the back of the seal you write your petition, your wish (write small). Your petition has three parts to it. First you address the power you would call upon for their assistance. Something like; ‘Great Seal of the Sun’. The second part of the petition is your request; ‘Grant me great success and prosperity!’ The third part is your signature or ‘mark’. So my seal would say something  like;

Great Seal of the Sun,

Grant me great

prosperity for ever

and a day!


Place the seal under the candle holder and allow it to remain there until the candle has burned out.

You have now effectively charged the seal to do your work. It can be placed on your altar, carried in your wallet, placed in a conjure bag with other roots & herbs and carried with you. Or whatever. Once again let your imagination be your guide. No matter what you do with it be sure to anoint the seal or ‘feed’ your conjure bag with Sun Oil every Sunday. After a fashion the paper seal becomes permeated with the oil and changes texture as you might imagine.

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Great Success to Your Work!

Rev. Ivy