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Candle Magic – Learn How To Anoint A Candle For Candle Magic & Worship

candle magic

Anointing Your Candle for Candle Magic

When anointing your central altar candle for your magic rites always begin in the middle. At the center of the candle make one full circle around it with your finger that has your oil of purpose on it. Then, anoint the top of the candle by moving your oiled finger around it in a circle. The bottom of the candle is anointed the same as the top. Then anoint the top half of the candle. Start in the middle at the spot where you began and make upward strokes, As Above, until the whole top half of the candle has oil on it. Move to the bottom half of the candle. Start where you began in the middle and make downward strokes, So Below, along the candle with your finger that has oil on it. Now your candle has been anointed and is ready to be lit.

About the Candle

The candle represents all four of the elements when it is burning:
It may be made of many different types of waxes; earth.
Once lit; fire.
As it burns it releases smoke; air.
& as it melts; water.

Choose Your Candle Color by Your Purpose

This is a short list of possible candle colors you might choose for your work. However, these are suggestions only. If you strongly feel that orange is healing and green is for earth then those are the colors you use. Always follow you instincts and intuition when making choices about what items and ingredients and to use in your  spells.

Personal Power – Purple
Health – Yellow (sun) or Pink (healthy tissue)
Prosperity – Gold or Green
Love – Red (sexual) or Pink (friendship)
Home & Hearth – Brown
Spiritual – White, Silver or any of the pastels
Protection – Blue
Scrying – Dark Blue or Dark Purple
To Attract – Orange
To Repel – Black