Ivy Ross Professional Tarot Reader, Reiki Master, Witch

The Tower, Protection Magic & Dragon’s Blood

The Tower Card and A Free Protection Spell

What happens when the tower card comes into your life?

A complete and instantaneous change in the daily events in your life: A car wreck. A broken

foot. Extreme behavior by your loved ones or their health issues, or yours. A divorce. Getting

the opportunity (getting laid off) to look for new employment. Each of these things brings

immediate changes as to how you conduct you daily life. These are just a few of the

circumstances that, as a tarot card reader in Denver,  I have come across when the Tower

is active in someone’s life.

Why does the Tower come?

To shake the very roots of your soul. To call you into action. The Tower is represented by the

element of fire. Fire can also relate to ‘spirit’.  Your spirit. Your soul. If you are not

walking your life’s true path the Tower card is there to rock your world.  Fire is also

cleansing. The Tower can destroy that which is no longer of use, by fire. Harsh, but so

effective. The Tower forces you into attention.

So how does one deal with the rigors of the Tower Card?

I have found that being active and doing magick is empowering for me. So, I take

responsibility for my life and I actively participate in getting back on course.

I ground myself. I protect me and mine. I resolve to remain flexible and creative.

Ground & Center

I ground myself first so that I am clear on the situation(s) at hand. Rushing into magick is

never a good idea. These things take time. So a hot salt water bath is in order. I use Dragon’s

Blood bath salts. This bath has a two-fold purpose. First, to cleanse the body before

entering into sacred space. Second, to set the tone for the rite. This bath can be as elaborate

or as simple as you like. Let your imagination be your guide.

How to do protection magick.

I love candle magick! It is so empowering to me to call the elements into a cleansed and

blessed space and work my magick!  I believe you will find it to be so as well.

I use the color blue for protection. (You use the color that seems appropriate for you.) A

crayola blue, not too light and not too dark. There are many different scents that can be used

in for protection. I choose to use Dragon’s Blood Oil to anoint the candle before I light it.

And I burn Dragon’s Blood Incense (just a pinch) on charcoal to fill the space with the

vibration of protection. Why do I use Dragon’s Blood above all others for protection magick?

Imagine if you will the power and the force behind a fire breathing dragon! The dragon fears

nothing!  Just like us after we have finished our spell of protection. Now I focus my attention

on the candle flame. I see in my mind’s eye the protective armor of the dragon’s skin forming

an orb around me that is translucent. I can see through the dragon scales of protection. But

naught can penetrate the scales of the dragon without my permission! Only love and light may

pass into the orb. As I bask in the protection of the orb of dragon skin I have created around

me, I can then feel the protection of the dragon itself. I sit and relish in the protection I

have manifested for myself. I stay as long as I wish.

To keep the protection with me I wear the Dragon’s Blood Oil and I place the wax left from

the candle I burned in a conjure bag for protection with other roots and items of

protection. I anoint the bag with the Dragon’s Blood Oil and I charge the bag with

Dragon’s Blood Incense. I carry this bag with me until I feel the need for protection

has passed. Does this seem too simplistic for you? Then by all means, beef it up! However,

if you are new to spell casting, this will fill your plate.

Remain flexible & be creative.

Remember; the changes you have to face are not the focus of the Tower Card. The focus is the

spiritual transformation that the changes of the Tower Card bring. The aftermath of the Tower

Card is likened to the plight of the Phoenix; it is not about the consumption of one’s self

bursting into flames. It is about rising again from the ashes of seeming destruction and

becoming more beautiful, more full of grace, more of who you are meant to become. Much

better than you were before the process began. The same, but, more marvelous than you

were before the total destruction of life as you knew it.

Each spell I cast is different from the last. Each spell is unique.