Ivy Ross Professional Tarot Reader, Reiki Master, Witch

Cleansing Yourself Home and Office


Cleansing Yourself Home and Office

By Ivy Ross, HPs ©2018

As a sacred artist, cleansing it is very important magical tool. It insures that my personal aura and the atmosphere in my home and office remain clear and clean of any unsavory feeling, mood or attitude. You will find this to be true for most magical practitioners. As my Mom used to say, ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness.’ With that in mind, anything can be cleansed physically as well as energetically. And most things do need cleansed regularly to prevent the build up of energetic goo. This goo can be experienced as a heaviness. It can be felt as dense; difficulty getting things done. Too much of a struggle. It can be sensed as a tenseness.

How ever one experiences this energetic sludge, it can be removed. Here I will briefly discuss the cleansing of your home and yourself.

Why cleanse your home or office

A recent argument
A recent breakup
You feel energetically imposed upon with no explanation
Someone in the home is ill
Moving into a new home
Someone moved out of the home
Every six months for regular energetic maintenance
Houseguests have gone
A strong sense that something is just not right
Just because you feel the need

How to cleanse your home or office

Very important first step; Take out the trash, do the dishes, clean the bathrooms, wash the sheets, shake the rugs, etc. Once you feel you have sufficiently cleaned the place you can then perform the House Exorcism Spell.

In a pinch? You can smoke the house. For the office I recommend a cleansing spray or a sprinkling of salt and/or salt water. If you use sage for cleansing don’t forget the sweet grass. Sage clears out all the unwanted energies and sweetgrass invites the friendly spirits back in. This is the traditional way natives use these herbs. Frankincense and Palo Santo can also be used. I prefer using frankincense myself. It has been used since biblical times. And because of this, its vibration is formidable. The floors can be washed and crystals with cleansing properties, can be brought in. Also, I am big on leaving your shoes at the door. I really believe it makes a big difference. Room sprays are an excellent tool as well.

Why to cleanse yourself

After working in the heart of the city and using public transportation to get there and back
Breaking glass
Bad day at work
Any of the reasons listed above
A strong sense that something is just not right
Just because you feel the need

How to cleanse yourself

Place your jewelry in a dish of salt, frequently
Change your clothes
Perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram daily
Salt Bath; sea salt is traditional, Epsom salt, baking soda and table salt. Any type of salt
Spiritual Cleansing Bath
Salt scrub in the shower
Cleansing spray like Florida Water

You can wear cleansing and protection stones or carry them in your pocket, purse or backpack. Conjure bags are a good tool for personal protection. Clean out your backpack or purse. Use salt in the shower or bath a few times a week. Perform the LBRP daily. And you should feel back to your best self in a short period of time.

Much success to your workings! Ivy