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Casting a Circle for Ritual and Magic

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About Casting a Magic Circle

While doing some ‘light reading’ researching the sigil used in the Car Consecration Spell, I came across “…a completely satisfactory description of the magic circle according the Universal Laws and Analogies.” in Franz Bardon’s The Practice of Magical Evocation. Originally published in German in 1956.;

“A true magic circle represents the symbolic lay-out of the macrocosm and the microcosm, this is, of the perfect man. It stands for the Beginning and the Ending for the Alpha and the Omega, as well as for Eternity, which has no beginning and on end. The magic circle, therefore, is a symbolic diagram of the Infinite, of Divinity in all its aspects, as can be comprehended by the microcosm, i.e. by the true adept, the perfect magician. To draw a magic circle means to symbolize the Divine in His perfection, to get into contact with Him. This happened, above all, at the moment the magician is standing in the center of the magic circle, for it is by this act that the contact with the Divine is demonstrated graphically. It is the magician’s contact with the macrocosm in his highest realm of consciousness. Therefore, from the point of view of true magic, it is quite logical that standing in the center of the magic circle is equivalent to being, in one’s consciousness, a unity with the Universal Divinity. From this one can see clearly that a magic circle is not only a diagram for protection from unwanted negative influences, but security and inviolability are brought about by this conscious and spiritual contact with the Highest. The magician who stand in the magic circle is protected from any influence, no matter, whether good or evil, for himself is, in fact, symbolizing the Divine in the universe. Furthermore, by standing in the center of the magic circle, the magician also represents the Divine in the microcosm and controls and rules the beings of the universe a in totalitarian manner.”