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An Overview on How to Complete a Free Spell from Beginning to End

how to complete witchcraft spell

So you have decided to do it. You are going to cast one of those free spells you found on the internet. How shall you proceed with your free spell casting? What is the first step? Will your free Witch spell really work?

From the first moment that you begin to think about the work that you would like to do, the spell has begun. It is very important that you are specific in your request and very clear on what it is that you want. Do you want your most perfect life’s mate or maybe you just want your perfect lover? Can you see the difference? Are you working toward the most perfect career for yourself? Or simply a job? Is it money you need or are you after prosperity? The wording of your request must be clear. Your request will be answered quite literally. Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it!

Your request has been formulated. When will you do the work? As they say, “It’s all in the timing.” Works of gain and increase are done during the waxing moon. Works to rid ones self of something are done during the waning moon. Hummm… Waxing, waning. What’s that all about? Are you sure you are ready?

Will you be taking a ‘ritual bath’ before casting the spell? Will you cast a circle to protect yourself during your spell casting? Or not? What magickal supplies will you use? Will you invoke the Gods for assistance? What color candle will you use? How do you safely burn a candle all the way down without worrying about burning the house down!? What will you do with all the stuff that remains after the spell casting is completed?

I bring all of these questions up because it seems to me that having just the recipe for the spell casting is not enough. One also needs to have the instructions. I can tell you the ingredients in one of my essential oil blends, but unless you have the proportions, the likelihood of you being able to duplicate the scent is slim at best. The same is true for casting a spell.

Make your choices wisely. Go step by step. Do your research. Gather the things you will need to get the work done. And for impeccable guidance on these decisions and any other questions about spell casting, I am available by appointment for spell casting consultations.

May the Fates Smile Favorably on all of Your Spell Castings!