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Altar Chants for Acts of Magic and Worship

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Altar Chants

© 2018 Ivy Ross, HPs

The altar chants are how I begin every act of magic I perform. This is when the elements are used to cleanse, charge and bless the working space. The instruction given here are for spell work. The same words and actions are used for Sabbats and Esbats. The only difference being you would ‘tread the circle round’ with the salt water and the incense when holding Sabbats and Esbats because circle is always cast (sacred space it created) for every act of worship.

The words that are spoken are proclaimed! We are not asking permission from the elements, we are commanding the elements to do the work of cleansing, charging and blessing our working space. We command the elements; however, we do not command the Gods.

Acts of magic and worship are performed facing either North or East. Always move deosil.


To Begin:

Hold the salt aloft with both hands and proclaim:
Blessed Be thou creature of earth!
Hold the cup/chalice of water aloft with both hands and proclaim:
Blessed Be thou cup of water!

And three measures of salt to the water and proclaim while sprinkling the salt water on the altar and immediate area:

Water and earth where you are cast
No spell or adverse purpose lasts.
Except in true accord with me,
As my will, So Mote it Be!

Ignite your incense and proclaim while cleansing the immediate area with the smoke and fire of the incense:

Creature of fire this charge I give
No evil in my presence live!
Hear my words addressed to thee
As my will So Mote it Be!

With your oil mark an equal armed cross, four times, once on each corner of your altar while proclaiming:

And now this oily essence fair
Adding its great power to the air!
Attracting spirits of the light
Protecting me both day and night!
This charge is true and proper see
As my will So Mote it Be!

This is when you anoint your working candle with oil and light it.

Now is when the circle would be cast and the quarters called to create sacred space if you are performing acts of worship.