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Are you looking for a professional tarot reading, an excellent Reiki Attunement or Spellcasting instructions? Consider calling me…..

Reverend Ivy Ross, Wiccan High Priestess (HPs), founding proprietress of Better Hags & Gargoyles and Grove of the Morning Star Wiccan Church – ATC. Working with the sacred arts of Tarot and Witchcraft for more than four decades.

  • A trusted tarot advisor with over 40 years of experience.
  • Providing powerful Reiki Attunements since 2005.
  • With decades of practice –  a respected teacher and practitioner of Wicca and Witchcraft.
Join me on this journey.
  • Gain insight into your life through a Tarot Reading, discover a clear view and realize new possibilities.
  • Seek deeper meaning in the ancient practices of Witchcraft to bring your magic to the universe.
  • Channel life force energy providing Reiki attunements. Learn to clear energy blocks in yourself and others to bring balance and equilibrium.

Whatever you need, I am the witch with the power, the experience, and the love to help you get it. Let’s get to work!



Trusted tarot reader, services available in-person, by phone, or over Skype. Consults start at one hour.
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Recieve attunements from a Reiki Master and learn to use your life force energy for healing.
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Spellcasting class to help you use tools, nature, and energy to conduct intelligent magic.


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While in Hermosa Beach, California I visited a shop call ‘Practical Magic’. In there I found an oracle deck titled ‘Sacred Rebels Oracle’. I was definitely intrigued. I opened that deck and immediately got the goose bumps. The first card I pulled – Faith in the Process. I decided to buy that deck. I went to the counter to pay for it. The owner points to the deck, looks at me and says, ‘you could be on this deck’. That’s when I knew I was a Sacred Rebel.
I have always asked too many questions. I mostly walk right on the line that’s not to be crossed – the view is better. I have always done things differently. I am a speaker of the truth. I am the eternal seeker. I believe in love – One people, One planet. I walk the path less traveled. I am the linage curse breaker, the black sheep of the family. The one who said, No. I am an experienced witch and trusted tarot reader. I am a Sacred Rebel. Are you a Sacred Rebel too? Schedule time with me and discover what the tarot reveals for you…


In-Person, Phone, and Video Availability

I bring my sacred gifts of claircognizance (clear knowing), clairaudience (clear hearing), and clairsentience (clear sensing) to bring you healing, knowledge, and clarity on how to facilitate success and happiness in your everyday life through Tarot.

This call to action section will introduce the service, and the button will lead them to the landing page where they can schedule and pay for the reading. We will talk about some options for setting up scheduling. 


One private class to cast a spell of your choice.

In this two-hour class, I will teach you exactly what you need to know to cast a spell of your choice. 

Need some intuitive guidance on what spell you should cast? Schedule with a trusted tarot reader today.